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Ranger Charles by Charles David GHKFSgMuFm

Australia has some of the oldest, most diverse and detailed rock art in the world.

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Challenge yourself in the mountainous outdoors of the Australian Alps, from its tallest peak, Mount Kosciuszko, to the tracks of...

Beguiling Broome is so much more than its famed 22 kilometre (14 mile) Cable Beach. It has dinosaur trails, Aboriginal...

Discover Brisbane, the sunny, sophisticated capital city of Queensland.

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With so much to do and see, we’ll help plan your perfect trip so you can experience the very best of Australia.
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An Aussie Specialist has the experience to help you plan and book every detail of your Australian vacation.

Learn about the Australian visa, customs and quarantine regulations. This includes types of visa applications, what to declare and...

Start planning your trip to Australia with this interactive map highlighting the country's top attractions, accommodation options...

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Geunbae "GB" Lee
Product Designer at Facebook Seattle ||

Quick and easy-to-use templates for your next UX project😎

What are User Personas? 👫

User personas are representations of major user groups, created in product or service design projects. They help design teams and their clients with the needs and preferences of their users. Imaginary yet embodying real-world qualities, a user persona visualizes the main ,, and of a group of users — via extensive qualitative and quantitative user research—

What are Journey Maps?🗺

Journey maps are used by UX design teams and marketing (as well as other business departments) to better understand their customers (or users). The idea is a simple one, to map the relationship between a customer and an organization over time and across all channels that they interact with the business on. It is always told from the customer’s expectation but also incorporates the touch-points between business and user experience requirements as the journey progresses — 

Motivation behind this project👨🏻‍💻

Most of the times when I worked on projects, I needed to utilize both user personas and journey maps to better understand the users and to empathize with them. Therefore, I searched for free templates that I could use during my design process. Also, I hoped to later showcase them in my portfolio website so that they help others to visualize and understand better.

On popular places like Uplabs and SketchAppSources , there were some free User Persona and Journey Map templates but there weren’t many that I could choose from (maybe less than five). Of course, there is no problem using the same designs over and over again for my projects but you know, sometimes you just want to try different ones, especially if they’re easier to use and look nicer. Moreover, there were a few more designs that I found from other places on the web BUT, I had to pay money in order to download them which sucked.

Soon, I realized that there were others who ran into the same problem which motivated me to get started on this project. My objective was to come up with four (4) templates for each User Personas and Journey Maps. Not only I needed to make them super useful but also, look attractive and easy to modify for people who decide to use them.

Snapshot of the Process🎨

#1. Collect analyze existing designs and templates

#2. Make a list of the necessary contents that templates should have

#3. Create mock user scenarios and express them in the designs

#4. Group and name layers well for quick and easy modifications

#5. Distribute them for FREE !

Where to download them📥

User Persona Templates

Journey Map Templates

What they look like in high-resolution 👀

User Persona Templates

Journey Map Templates

And find mehere:

LinkedIn / Gabor 45740 Gabor TsGeQmx
/ Medium

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